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Cloud Hosted Database & Marketing

Organise Your Contacts


Build CRM is an online contacts database designed to hold relevant information for your business contacts, this service allows you to quickly and easily:

  • Store and access all of your information about suppliers, clients and prospects etc. Remote users can access information on customers and suppliers, keep contact information up to date and share it with others in your organisation.
  • With Build CRM your contacts are securly hosted in the cloud and are readily available from anywhere in the world using a simple web browser.
  • Your contacts will be stored in lists, both static and dynamic lists which make the up-keep of your contacts a breeze
  • Sales teams can keep track of key customers. Remote workers can find information just as if they were in the office. Whether you are in the office, working from home or on the road, you'll always have access to contact information.
  • Prospects can be imported into the database and be added into a dynamic smart list so they can be recalled quickly for your marketing team.
The Build CRM tagging system allows multiple tags to be allocated to contacts in order to group into multiple senarios.

Contact Marketing

Build CRM has made keeping in touch with contacts simple with it's powerful e-marketing facilities.

  • Integrated e-shot template designer
  • Save multiple versions of templates to send again
  • SMS message marketing
  • Sophisticated e-shot system to send to multiple stored lists of contacts
  • Send now or schedule at a time and date
  • Rapid deployment and ease-of-use to get users working quickly